Are you seeking new pathways towards greater states of emotional health and wellbeing for yourself and your clients?


with Dr. Rachel Wheeler & Dr. Tracey Hunter

The Wellbeing Codes is a positive growth-based approach to emotional health and wellbeing, created by Australian psychologists Dr. Tracey Hunter and Dr. Rachel Wheeler, who have applied their 50+ years combined clinical practice in the field of psychology and mental health, and experience and training in Schema Therapy, to create this program designed to activate the 6 Wellbeing Codes of:
  • The Wellbeing Codes (2019) are based on the Schema Therapy model, and provide healing pathways from the 18 maladaptive schemas developed in childhood, towards positive outcomes that all people are seeking to cultivate in their lives.

  • There are a number of ways to engage in The Wellbeing Codes, including live professional development workshops, The Wellbeing Codes Hub monthly membership, a private Facebook group, 90-day self-guided program, group mastermind and individual coaching.


Dr. Tracey Hunter

Psychologist & Relationship Coach

Tracey is a psychologist and relationship coach based on the Gold Coast, who has trained in New York as a Schema Therapist, and has had over 20 years experience in the field of clinical psychology.  Over the past 15 years, Tracey has run corporate training and professional development workshops across Australia in the area of emotional and mental wellbeing.

Tracey works with clients ready to let go of old outdated patterns or schemas that are no longer serving them, and create more self-empowerment, joy, love and freedom in their life.
Her work with women in their intimate relationships  focuses on embracing qualities such as softness, playfulness, vulnerability, inner strength and authentic emotional expression, so that they can cultivate deeply loving, nourishing and secure intimate relationships.


Dr. Rachel Wheeler

Psychologist & Mindset Coach

Rachel is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with over two decades experience as a clinical psychologist. Her love for schema therapy and its effectiveness in her private practice has influenced the way she has worked over the last 20 years, and she is passionate about helping people to have a deep understanding of their patterns and conditioning that underpin unhelpful behaviour in adult life.


She believes "The Wellbeing Codes" are relevant to every human on the planet!!, because we all have unhelpful coding that we pick up in our childhood and they continue influence our decisions and behaviours in our adult life. Activating the Wellbeing Codes is a pathway to systematically healing childhood wounds and patterns and opening up opportunities to thrive in life rather than just survive.


Rachel has lived and worked in the UK, and is a registered psychologist in both countries. She has extensive experience in clinical and corporate psychology. Over the past 25 years Rachel’s intuitive coaching has positively influences human and organisational behaviour and thinking.

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