In this video we will tell you a bit about what The Wellbeing Codes program is and how it can assist you towards greater levels of connection, confidence, optimism, and joy!

The Wellbeing Codes is a self-guided program created by Australian psychologists Dr. Tracey Hunter and Dr. Rachel Wheeler, who have applied their 50+ years combined clinical practice in the field of psychology and mental health, and experience and training in Schema Therapy, to create this program designed to activate the 6 Wellbeing Codes of:


In this course, we will teach you our 5-step process to activate all 6 Wellbeing Codes. This program is designed for people who place a high value their own mental and emotional health, and are seeking a program that is highly intuitive and puts CORE EMOTIONAL NEEDS (to feel more love, joy, peace, courage etc) as the central focus.


When we are on a path towards developing our intuition and therefore cultivating our wellbeing (as these two are inextricably linked), we learn how to use information from both the head brain (logic) and the heart brain (feeling). When we are too much in our heads, we disconnect from what our hearts are longing for and need. When we are consumed by our emotions, we may forget to stay focused on our values and the bigger picture for our lives. Our 5-step process will help you to figure out where you may need bring in more LOGIC, or more EMOTION.


This program will be especially beneficial to anyone working in the mental health or helping profession that is supporting clients seeking greater emotional wellbeing and self-empowerment. When we as practitioners know how to integrate the heart with the head, it becomes much easier to teach our clients to do the same.



Reviews of the Program:

"Last spring I completed the newly developed program “The Wellbeing Codes”. I was very enthusiastic to participate in it because it “felt right” and felt “what I need right now”! I was following the program during summer and would like to express my general impressions, “I loved it!”. What I liked about this program was the fact that the concept of positive psychology is very lacking in Schema Therapy and to have a whole program combining the Schema model with positive psychology gave me an opportunity to expand my professional knowledge and skills as a therapist.


The program utilizes very precise, clear and inspiring language that I integrated into my work and my clients love it. Positive language gives clients more clear and positive directions in therapy. The program is very practically oriented and combines cognitive, experiential and behavioral components that help to address problems on all levels. I found the program very structured and is easy to follow. The program is also very detailed, and it pays attention to many of the fine concepts that I’ve thought about before but was never able to properly articulate. 


In summary, The Wellbeing Codes not only inspires but helps to create a definite plan for positive changes. It also helped me personally and I confidently recommend it to my clients. In order to be available to all my clients I look forward to have this program translated into the Russian language"


Aleksandra Yaltonskaya, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Co-founder of Moscow Institute of Schema Therapy, Moscow, Russia


“This is such a nourishing and informative course for anyone who wants to boost their wellbeing. Tracey and Rachel are experts in the field and have a wonderful soothing manner which is such an antidote to the high levels of stress and burnout we are all exposed to”


Susan, Psychologist, Scotland

The CONNECTION Code: For when we want to feel more LOVE


The CONFIDENCE Code: For when we want to feel more COURAGE


The OPTIMISM Code: For when we want to feel more PEACE


The SELF-APPRECIATION Code: For when we want to feel more JOY


The FAIRNESS Code: For when we want to feel more EQUANIMITY


The SELF-DISCIPLINE Code: For when we want to feel more CLARITY


  • we see ourselves of worthy and deserving of love and connection
  • we become deeply nurturing towards ourselves and validate our own internal experience including negative emotions
  • we express honestly how we feel and don't suppress emotions
  • we learn how to activate greater states of LOVE and release SHAME



  • we are not afraid to step out into the world as an autonomous and unique individual, and pursue our own goals and dreams, accepting that we will make mistakes and struggle along the way
  • we are willing to speak out about issues that are important to us, even in the face of conflicting opinions and perspectives, especially in our intimate relationships
  • we learn how to activate greater states of COURAGE and release DOUBT



  • we feel excited and expansive about our present reality and therefore our future
  • we feel capable of building secure relationships based on trust and commitment, because we deeply trust ourselves
  • we trust our bodies to always have our back, and have faith in the restorative effects of the body and in nature and in life itself
  • we learn how to activate greater states of PEACE and release FEAR



  • we know how to reward ourselves so we are not dependent on the outside world for praise
  • we give ourselves permission to rest, play and engage in pleasurable activities
  • we enjoy a sense of balance in life and we trust our nervous system to give us feedback about our optimal levels of activity and external demands
  • we learn how to activate greater states of JOY and release GUILT



  • we have a deep sense of self-compassion and do not succumb to self-loathing or self-punishment for the mistakes and errors we make that are part of the human experience
  • we embrace the give-and-receive nature of all relationships so that we do not feel burnt out, used or taken advantage of
  • we feel empowered and have a sense of sovereignty over our own lives, rather than feeling trapped by external circumstances or our past
  • we learn how to activate greater states of EQUANIMITY and release RESENTMENT



  • we are deeply connected to our own values, goals and dreams, and are committed to maintaining focus on our pathway towards the life we wish to create
  • we are considerate of others and have empathy for another's viewpoint, ensuring that we don't damage our relationships with others
  • we learn how to activate greater states of CLARITY and release FRUSTRATION




For more information on The Wellbeing Codes, visit www.thewellbeingcodes.com



Dr. Tracey Hunter


Tracey is a clinical psychologist based on the Gold Coast, Australia, who has trained in New York as a Schema Therapist, and has run corporate training and professional development workshops across Australia over the past 15 years in the area of emotional and mental wellbeing. Tracey's focus is on integrating the past with the present, personality integration, and achieving wholeness and individuation through balancing the opposite drives of connection and autonomy. Tracey assists people to discover their inner peace and create a life that centres around joy, fun and pleasure as well as meaning and purpose.

Dr. Rachel Wheeler


Rachel is a clinical psychologist on the Gold Coast, Australia, with over two decades experience specializing in behavioural change and the improvement of corporate performance. Her expertise lies in positively influencing human and organizational thinking. With many years of experience as an executive coach in London and Australia, working with leading public and private enterprises, Rachel's work pivots around enabling others to understand and overcome challenges in their work and private lives. 

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